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Your Future Self Wants to Be Successful

Your Future Self Wants to Be Successful

Most of us can claim that we know ourselves well. And why not? We spend every moment with ourselves. But how many of us are acquainted with our future selves?

Your future self is smarter

This isn't science fiction, and I don't mean to make it sound dramatic. Your future self is simply, the person you will be, five or ten years from now. For most of us, that person will be smarter, wiser, and better looking (of course). It's inevitable.

Whenever I read something that I wrote years ago, I sigh and think, "that person was an idiot!" Then, I consider how preferable that is compared to the alternative. I must have learned and grown from my experiences.

If nothing changes, will you be happy?

This pattern made me realize that my future self will always outshine my present. If that is true, I should respect my future self. That person deserves to be successful.

If you are currently struggling. Ask yourself, "if nothing changes in five years, will I be happy with where I am?"

This is why I save money

This is why I save money. I believe that my future self should be happier and more financially secure than I am now. And, because I put this behavior into motion years ago, my present has more too.

More than I would have had.

I do not starve myself of what I need, but much of what I want, I have found to be fleeting. So, I postpone my desires. If they will truly make my life better, my future self must agree.

When budgeting, I set goals for myself. These goals are just future states, where my future self can enjoy. It's not magical, although controlling your destiny can feel that way.

Try this simple exercise

If you don't believe me, just try something simple to start. Before you go to bed, fill up a glass of water, and leave it on your nightstand. When you wake up in the morning, dying of thirst, just look over at your nightstand. Viola!

Saving for your future works this same way. If you do the hard work now, your future self will thank you.

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