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What Does Your Budget Say About Your Priorities?

What Does Your Budget Say About Your Priorities?

Pull out your latest budget. If you don't have one, make one. And then, take a look at what made the list.

Analyze your budget

While you do, imagine the person that made this list, is someone new in your life. Perhaps, someone you're considering befriending. Try to be objective in your analysis.

Do they drive a nice car? Rent a luxurious apartment? Eat out a lot? Do they hold a gym membership? Are they heavy on subscription fees?

Make note of your observations. Build on the character persona with each budget item. Try to make them seem as real as you or me.

Do they have any credit card debt or student loans? Are they saving for a big trip, or paying off a past one? Does anything stand out or surprise you?

Draw some conclusions

Time to compile all of your notes.

Does this person have their priorities straight? Would you say this person has it together?

A budget speaks to your priorities. I'm not implying that every little dollar needs to serve a greater purpose. But, you should be comfortable with what those dollars say about your priorities.

For example, I have an audio-book subscription. About $15 evaporates into the ether every single month. But, this also means that I consume 12 books or more a year, and I feel smarter for it.

Set some fantastic goals

At the end of the day, it's your budget, and it's your life. No doubt, you should get some enjoyment out of all of your hard work. But, before you do, set some fantastic goals for yourself. Don't hold back.

If you can honestly say that your budget is taking you somewhere, that you like the person it describes. Perfect! If not, reevaluate your priorities.

Remember that your priorities can change as you grow and learn. Reevaluate at least once a year, and make sure your budget is a reflection of your best self.

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