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Saving The First Dollar is The Hardest

Saving The First Dollar is The Hardest

When we're born, our world is no larger than we can see or touch. Our mothers become our beginning and end. But, as we grow, our bounds become larger.

Eventually, we're compelled to venture out into the unknown.

Some of us find adventure at the edges of the earth, while others of us cling to our origin. But, none of us stands perfectly still.

The world gets smaller with each adventure

As a teenager, I went to a summer camp in Tulsa, 1,500 miles away. After high school, I backpacked across Europe for three months. My inevitable career allowed me to travel halfway across the world, to India, for two weeks.

With each adventure, my experience grew while the world around me seemingly shrunk. Spending all day, in a car driving, doesn't sound so terrible now. Flying transcontinental seems a little less intimidating.

When the human race inevitably makes space our home-away-from-home, wouldn't it be interesting, to look back at earth, and understand how trivial it all was?

As we uncover new experiences, we trivialize them. All our anxiety of the unknown evaporates, as our perspective of the world shrinks back down to size.

Money is no different.

Testing the waters of financial independence

At first, it is reasonable to question the feasibility of becoming financially independent. After all, we did not know our affinity for sea travel until we first tested the waters.

But imagine yourself, ten years from now, with one million dollars in the bank. Would your imaginary self not see the world quite differently than you? That person would understand just how straightforward it can be.

A leap of faith then. Like with any great adventure, you will need self-assurance. And, although you may have to think on your feet at times, you can be successful.

You can be successful

I've never been able to imagine a place I've never been, not accurately. I've tried to picture Paris in spring, or Helsinki in winter. It's never perfect. But on arriving, I adapted.

Just the same, a perfect budget or recipe for financial success is improbable. You will need to adapt. But you can be successful.

Of course, there are simple truths you can learn, about personal finance, to help prepare you for the unknown. But you will have to experience it yourself. The good news is you are not alone.

Saving the first dollar is the hardest

For me, the journey to financial independence has been thrilling and frankly, less scary every day. Saving the first dollar, that was the hardest.

I only wish I could have trusted then, that how I imagined it could be, really could be, and taken that leap of faith sooner.

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